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Wayang Party: If I am a Malaysian

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Fang Zhi Yuan over at WP has a thought-provoking article on why it’s better to remain a foreigner that take up Singaporean citizenship. In particular, these paragraphs deserve to be highlighted:

Unfortunately, our greatest selling point to foreign talents is also dissuading them from settling down here permanently. What additional advantages does being a citizen have over a PR?

I failed my last IPPT and has to go for remedial training thrice a week. Can you imagine the hassle and torture of reporting to Khatib Camp to run 2.4km after a long and hectic day? Due to my frequent travels, I have to apply for deferments often. There was once I forgot and I received a letter from SAF almost immediately threatening to charge me.

My relative, however, have no such concerns. He has zero NS obligations at all – no ICTs, RTs, mob-manning and whatsoever. He can concentrate fully on his work and career. He does not care a bit about local politics. His aim is simply to make money here. His son is born in Malaysia, but studying in Singapore. He need not worry about him having to go through NS when he grows up.

In other words, why be a Singapore citizen when you can easily enjoy all the perks of being one without saddling yourself with the draft and the ill-conceived state pension scheme?


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July 8, 2009 at 1:29 PM

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