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Californians set to vote on pay limits for legislators

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Here’s something I would absolutely love to see happen in Singapore.

Some numbers from the article:

Other big states do not compare. New York lawmakers earn a base salary of $79,500, not counting extra pay for chairmanships. They also get $160 per day for expenses, an amount set by the federal government. Other populous states with so-called professional legislatures include Pennsylvania ($78,314 in base pay), Illinois ($67,836) and Michigan ($79,650).

Not all big states pay big salaries. The base in Florida is $30,336. And Texas is one of a kind: it has a part-time legislature, and lawmakers earn $7,200. The amount is in the State Constitution, making it difficult to change.

Several of the least-populous states have the lowest-paid legislators. In New Hampshire, where the concept of a citizen legislature is still alive, lawmakers earn just $100 a year.

States in the middle include New Jersey at $49,000 and Connecticut at $28,000.


Written by defennder

May 18, 2009 at 11:12 PM

Posted in US

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