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Wayang Party: NMP Siew Kum Hong victim of astroturfing?

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NMP Siew Kum Hong, who acted as legal counsel to the old exco committee when they regained power earlier in the AWARE EGM on 2nd May, has submitted his papers yesterday to bid for another term as NMP.  Siew Kum Hong was also the lone dissenter in the passage of the illiberal and restrictive amendment to the Films Act passed by Parliament earlier this year.  Wayang Party reports that he may be the victim of astroturfing on REACH (Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry@Home) a government unit set up in Oct 2006:

While Mr Siew was highly regarded by many Singaporeans, including the blogging community, his application for a second term of NMP was met stiff opposition from some religious groups uncomfortable with his liberal stance towards homosexuality.

We received notice that a campaign is underway to “swarm” REACH with feedback in order to exert pressure on the Parliamentary Select Committee to reject Mr Siew’s application.

So go give your feedback on the NMP scheme and on Siew Kum Hong’s NMP tenure if you haven’t already.


Written by defennder

May 13, 2009 at 1:09 PM

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  1. Allow me to deviate.

    “homo”sexuality is a post-modern social construct. You can’t reject it, people who reject it, rejects modernity. Wiki Foucalt (post-modern Social-Anthropologist) up and read some of his articles. I mean, ya, some people do indulge in those practices, but, seriously, I thought Singapore was a “multi-cultural” society? Okay given S’pre’s birth rate, it is possible to agree with the ideology to reject varied & multiple gender roles. But I reckon, that, in my own subjective opinion, I feel that Christianity is becoming more and more of a popular culture as it keeps on rationalizing its religious fundamentals (cell groups, incorporating rock music, youth camps, disco-like events etc.). Not that I’m against such activities (I find religion rationalizing itself an effective adaptive response to the modernization of the economy) but I feel, sooner or later, we’ll be a Christian state. On average, 3 buddhists converts to Christianity each week alone in Singapore. (note: cell groups started in 2006, and is a modernistic and rational feature to indoctrinate the youth and spread religion in a fun way, I’m not against it, just that, I almost got into it as well at some point.)


    May 13, 2009 at 8:18 PM

  2. I agree that Christianity is a fast-growing religion in SG. What alarms me most is that some of these churches hold very conservative views, views which are in line with the Christian Right of America. The only major difference is that most of those I met personally don’t believe religion and politics should mix which is a good thing.

    But one major gripe I have with these religions is that they like to pretend that evolutionary biology is pseudoscience. It’s their blind religious adherence which prevents them from engaging and learning armed with a critical attitude. That’s troubling for any democracy.


    May 13, 2009 at 9:30 PM

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