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Wayang Party: What role did Geylang Serai management committee play in the poisoning?

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Wayang Party posted this today:

Since the mass food poisoning outbreak at the Geylang Serai temporary market, media attention has been focused almost exclusively on the Indian rojak stall and its owner who will be prosecuted by NEA soon.

Little was mentioned about the management committee of the market which oversees its daily operations.

Hawkers interviewed by the media revealed that the committee did not call for a spring cleaning until after the outbreak and complaints about the presence of rats at the premises fell on deaf ears.

So where does Kampong Ubi CCC come into the picture here? Is it involved in setting up the temporary market only or is it in charge of the management committee?

Who does the management committee report to? Surely there must be supervision of its work by some higher authorities? Can a management committee of a temporary public market function autonomously on its own without any accountability?

I am most surprised that the mainstream media has deliberately chosen to omit the most important stakeholder in the fiasco here besides the stallholders – namely the management committee.

It should have the ways and means to find out the identities of the members making up the management committee and the overall in charge. Is it refraining from doing so to prevent implicating more people from the establishment?


Written by defennder

April 16, 2009 at 9:21 AM

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