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SDP: Elections may be stolen through e-voting machines

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Amid reports that Singapore may be buying electronic voting machines, the Singapore Democratic Party has warned on its website that the U.S. has faced numerous difficulties pertaining inaccurate vote counting and the vulnerability of voting machines to hacking:

The Singapore Democrats will make this prediction: When the machines are first introduced, the opposition will make electoral gains. A couple of constituencies may fall to the opposition. The electorate will be encouraged that the electronic voting system is trustworthy. The media will make sure of this. (What better to convince the people than by letting the opposition win a couple more seats?)

When the people have been sufficiently disarmed and the sugar-coated poison has been completely swallowed, the PAP will never have to worry about elections again. Ever.

Already, questions about the present system abound. Even without electronic voting, the system is already stacked against the opposition: No independent election commission, no free media, initimidating voters through HDB upgrading, buying votes through shares, introducing the GRC system, and so on.

With the advent of the computer voting machines, we can forget about debates over issues like gerrymandering or the GRC system or the granting of citizenship to immigrants as tactics the PAP uses to win elections.

None of these will matter anymore.

The key to all of this is whether or not there’ll be a paper trail to verify and record the voters’ intent.  It may be easier to dismiss the need for paper records once E-voting has been introduced, but as the lessons of the U.S. has shown having concrete records on paper will make it harder for elections to be stolen.

Who can forget the lessons of Sarosta County in 2006?


Written by defennder

April 16, 2009 at 10:32 PM

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