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The legacy of George W Bush

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Richard Cohen over at the Washington Post couldn’t have said it better on the legacy he bequeathed America and the world with when he finally left the White House:

Former president George W. Bush and some of his White House aides are gathering in Dallas this week to plan the future George W. Bush Policy Institute. There, I guess, they will ponder grand themes and marble foyers, but I propose they begin by simply renaming the place. I suggest naming it the “George W. Bush Institute of Management Failure” and dedicating it to studying how this presidency went so wrong — a task as big as Texas itself.

Bush’s tenure was truly remarkable. He left office with the lowest presidential poll ratings in 60 years, two wars begun and not ended, and the deepest recession since the Great Depression. If it’s true that we learn from our mistakes, Bush’s eight years represent a bonanza of lessons.

What commends the Bush presidency to further study was its sheer managerial ineptitude. This is irony aplenty for a man not known for irony. Bush’s one area of expertise, after all, supposedly was in management. Not only had he been a businessman, but he had graduated from Harvard Business School. Bush was the Decider. He was a delegator. He was precise and punctual — early to the office, early out of the office and a clean desk at all times. Wow!


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April 15, 2009 at 1:10 AM

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