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Singapore in 2050

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What will Singapore look like in 2050? 

A forumer on Sammyboy.com forums muses:

From: VforSfor 12:52 am
To: ALL (1 of 1)


All those traitors here are like Lucky Tan; they like to post bad things about Singapore! (no, that huge bulge in my cheek is my tongue)

In contrast, people like SingForever and the PAP Internet Brigade know how to encourage us to think positively about Singapore. Thank you so much!

I love your posts, SingForever! Keep them coming!

We have the greatest media in the world. Our leaders are incredible! At the rate Singapore is going, very soon the world will kiss our feet!

The UN, the IMF, the World Bank and all institutions and MNCs will relocate to our great nation. We will import half the populations of other Asian countries as Foreign Talents, so our population will increase to 2000 million by 2050. We will be richer than anyone else because we have sucked away all their talents.

DBS and MAS will manage more money than all other banks on this planet put together.

NUS will be ranked 1st, NTU 2nd, SMU 3rd universities in the world. People everywhere will give up University places in Harvard and Cambridge for the honour of studying A Levels at RJC.

Nearly everyone except the elite will live in a 5000 storey HDB that uses ‘bullet train’ lifts. By that time, our great media will promote Sleeping While Standing Up and Shitting While Standing Up because each HDB 5 room flat will be about 100 square feet.

We will be the capital of the world, a super-duperpower under the wise Senior Minister Mentorship of 100 year old Lee Hsien Loong, the wise Minister Mentorship of 70 year old Lee Hongyi, the wise Prime Minister-ship of Lee Hongyi’s son. Although this son is not yet born, as he is a Lee I predict he will be smarter than Einstein, win all scholarships and accolades that can be won on this planet, and will become Chief of Army, 5 star general, at age of 30.

The SAF will defeat and conquer the United States which will be one big PAP GRC with 50 PAP MPs. Each PAP MP will be paid $10 billion a year to match his skills.

We will appoint a mayor to run Indonesia. PRC is very kwai kwai, no opposition candidate, single member constituency can already. India will be ruled directly from Prime Minister’s office as it has the ‘wrong ethnic mix leading to bad government’.

Our Future is Bright, Singaporeans!

Thank you, yours sincerely, Reporter Chua Lee Gongkia of SPH!


Written by defennder

April 5, 2009 at 3:43 PM

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