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Unfortunate victims of the recession

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I saw this news report by MSNBC:

Image: Emergency pet billsAs the United States economy continues to spiral, pet owners grappling with financial troubles are facing terrible choices, animal care experts say. Confronted with steep bills for emergency injuries or sudden illness, cash-conscious owners are delaying care, opting for less-aggressive treatments, or in some cases, choosing to destroy family pets they otherwise would save.

“They come straight from the vet and say, ‘I can’t afford to treat my animal,’ ” said Mark Kumpf, president of the National Animal Control Association and director of an animal shelter near Dayton, Ohio. “They’ll say, ‘The vet said he should be euthanized and I can’t even afford that.’ ”

Kumpf said he’s seen a 20 percent spike in people turning in animals at his shelter in the past year, and an equal hike in the number of people who request what’s known as “economic euthanasia.” No national figures track overall rates of relinquishment or euthanasia, but some veterinarians across the country say they’re also seeing a rise.

Poor animals.  They weren’t even remotely responsible for the state of the economy and yet they’ve had to suffer as well.  A growing number of pets have had to be euthanised.  That is seriously tragic.


Written by defennder

March 27, 2009 at 12:55 AM

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